BTS Channel

What is Bangtan Tv

Bangtan TV is literally a YouTube channel where they post

random videos about activities of BTS member.

Most of the videos are randomly about what are they

doing behind the scene of MV making, backstage,

in the waiting room and also when they are doing photo-shoot.

The purpose of this channel is to strengthen the bond between BTS and ARMYs.

Bangtan TV is only in Hangeul which means Korean language.

Since BTS is internationally well-known,

there are also international fans watching the videos.

But, not all of the international fans know Hangeul.

That is why another channel which was named Bangtan Subs with English

subtitles was set up in order for international ARMYs understand what they were saying in the videos.

Both of the channel post the same videos but one with English subtitles and the other one without English subtitles.



Bangtan Subs